Remo Ostini

We have nothing to fear

When the main argument against a proposal is that it’s going to hurt AND that it is too hard to understand, that argument itself is what you should be most worried about.


Loneliness is a topic that's rarely discussed in polite company. Perhaps it sounds silly to tell someone whose presence you are literally in that you are lonely. In a world full of technology that can join us together almost effortlessly across space and time, loneliness is surely a character flaw.

On its way

This is the Common Endeavour journal, a new site exploring the ideas that motivate Common Endeavour. We're just getting started. Things will soon be up and running here, but you can

Core needs

One of my favourite meditations focuses on the core needs every person has for safety, satisfaction, and connection. For me, taking the time to sit quietly and gently remember the importance of these

Building what now?

In these pages, Nation Building broadly means anything that builds up the country. That could be physical infrastructure, like the beautiful Corin Dam, but it could equally refer to anything that brings us together as people.